RunSTRONG with Desert Dash and South Vegas CrossFit

RunSTRONG with Desert Dash and South Vegas CrossFit

Creating better athletes through varied, functional, and effective cross-training

“Trying to catch my breath while running has always been a struggle for me. The different types of training runs forced me to really focus on my breathing while still incorporating speed, form and recovery. Great coaching and awesome group support!”

Roze Inos
Improved mile time from 8:18 to 7:43

“Both the CrossFit and running portions of the program challenged me and gave me daily personal victories that had me feeling more positive towards all aspects of my life!”

Available in both 6-week and 12-week session lengths, RunSTRONG incorporates CrossFit with at least two WODS per week at South Vegas CrossFit and three programmed runs per week — two interval workouts and a slow, easy weekend run.

Weekly track nights and Saturday-morning group runs are optional but add additional coaching opportunities and the chance to hang out and have fun!

RUNSTRONG for Running

Improve your running and become a stronger, more efficient runner by building core and leg strength through CrossFit while developing your cardiovascular fitness and mental strength through interval training. Learn to conquer tough runs with steep, brutal climbs or long, grinding hills without feeling mentally or physically defeated, all in the same fun, family-style environment you've come to expect at Desert Dash races.

RUNSTRONG for CrossFit

Stop fearing (or even avoiding) WODs involving 400m, 800m, and 1-mile runs and turn those running portions into a strength — and maybe even come to view them as a "rest". Learn proper running form in a fun group environment similar to the WODs you're used to and become faster at MetCon workouts by learning to control your breathing to keep your muscles functioning at peak capacity with a consistent, predictable flow of oxygen.

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